Visual Art


Junior VA concentrators may apply to be in the Honors Program. These concentrators enroll in the Honors Seminar in the fall, work independently with an Honors Advisor in the spring, and present a final qualifying exhibition, thesis paper and presentation of artwork to all VA faculty just prior to graduation.

The Department of Visual Art offers each Honors student a studio in the List Art Building. Establishing the discipline of studio practice early in the first semester lays a solid foundation on which to build success. Enrollment in the Honors program counts as two courses taken for graduation credit, but will not count toward the courses needed for the Visual Art concentration.

In the first semester, the Honors Seminar meets weekly for readings, discussions, and group critiques. During the second semester, Honors students continue with their Honors projects as individual study projects under the supervision of their Honors Faculty Advisor while meeting periodically as a group for critiques and presentations.

Honors Application

Honors Advisor

Honors students are expected to meet with their Honors advisor on a regular basis in both the first and second semester. Honors students are encouraged to attend the Visiting Artist Lecture Series events each semester. Additionally, there will be two trips to New York, one each semester to visit museums and galleries which are considered to be beneficial learning experiences for Honors students.

Progress Review

At the end of the first semester, the Department of Visual Art faculty review the progress of each candidate and determine whether the candidate will be allowed to continue in the Honors Program. Honors students present their work to students and faculty at the end of the year.


A digital portfolio and written statement of work are required and will become part of the Department of Visual Art archive. Admission to the Honors program does not automatically translate into Honors distinction at graduation but is determined by the final evaluations of the Department of Visual Art faculty at the end of the second semester.