Visual Art

Concentration Requirements

Students must file their concentration declaration by the end of their 5th semester. Once a student's concentration is declared, they are paired with a regular VA faculty member who will be their Concentration Advisor.

You can declare your concentration online via Brown's advising website, ASK.

You may be eligible to substitute select RISD art courses or RISD Art History courses for some your concentration requirements. Please check with your advisor to find out what RISD courses are eligible.

Ask Advising Checklist

A total of 11 courses are required for the VA concentration:


This studio foundation course is a prerequisite for many other VISA studio courses (with the exception of VISA0120, VISA0130, VISA0140, VISA0150, and VISA0160).

  • VISA0120 - Foundation Media: Sound and Image
  • VISA0130 - 3D Foundation
  • VISA0140 - Photography Foundation
  • VISA0150 - Digital 2D Foundation
  • VISA0160 - Painting Foundation

Choose two of these five listed courses to complete the discipline-based foundation course requirement.

Talk to your advisor about VISA and RISD course offerings.

A minimum of three elective studio courses must be taken in the Department of Visual Art at Brown.

  • Survey HIAA course or equivalent (Required)
  • Contemporary/Modern Art HIAA course
  • Upper Level HIAA course

See HIAA course offerings

Non-credit bearing project usually presented during the 7th or 8th semester.